The Algorithm: The Death of a Generation of Creators

Oladimeji Ajegbile
3 min readNov 17, 2023

So many content creators are dangerously close to burnout and they think it’s normal. The content creation journey is sold like the answer to all problems in life, and it can be your greatest nightmare if care is not taken.

You hear things along the lines of… Want to make more money than you currently do with your 9–5 while being free to do whatever you want and travel the world? Become a content creator.

Now this sounds so sweet, inspiring and it makes sense but it sounds more like…

“Want to work twelve hours a day for nothing and burn yourself out? Become a content creator.”

While you’re so excited about being able to do what you love, please remember that Algorithms will kill your passion eventually, unless you go independent of these platforms.

Most creators believe they are building a real asset on social media platforms.

We believe we have an audience that can be monetized but that audience we’re building? We don’t own it.

If these platforms are no more, so will your supposed audience.

Unless you are part of the small but growing flock of independent creators, you might very well be a dependent one.

Using any platform you don’t own makes you dependent, especially social media platforms.

You can’t control the algorithm so you become a slave to the platform.

We hear it all the time: consistency is key, but consistency becomes toxic when you must create and post every single day, sometimes several times a day, in order to “feed” the algorithm and keep it happy.

It’s tough because you are literally at the mercy of an algorithm. It wants consistency and product, and it wants it on the regular.

The pressure to post at all costs can prevent you from doing work that really matters to you.

It’s completely normal to not feel like creating for a week and decide to focus on a side project instead. It’s human.

The algorithm, however, isn’t human. In fact, it’s the fastest way to burnout & most creators are dangerously close to burnout (if they admit it).

If being a creator is really the answer to all problems in life then why is it taking your life from you? Why aren’t you in control?

The control isn’t so much about making the best of these platforms but being completely independent of them.

Creators who are in control are those who don’t rely on algorithms to make a living, who work according to principles that gives them fulfillment, freedom and genuine connection with their audience.

I’m advocating for a new generation of creators who think beyond Instagram or X or social media.

Creators who own initiatives instead of rent platforms. Creators who cultivate communities, not audiences and build network and systems, not create content that feed algorithms.



Oladimeji Ajegbile

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